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Start a petition

Start a petition

At Petition Global you can easily start a petition. Starting a petition is completely free and is done within a few minutes. When the petition has ended you will receive the list of signatures so you can send it to the right person that must receive it.

When starting a petition, make sure that the text is concise and clear. The first paragraphs of your petition must be catchy, so that people are interested enough to continue reading. The goal you want to achieve when making the petition must be clearly stated. In the end, do not forget to share the petition on social media and spread it in several groups in order to attract attention.

What is a petition?

A petition is a statement that you want to make to the government or a specific authority. You wil tell them your opinion in a petition and then you share this petition with people who share this opinion. By getting enough signatures you can make your statement heard properly. The recipient can only take it seriously when you have enough signatures. Most petitions are therefore national where many people share the same opinion.

How do you make a petition?

You can write your petition here online at our website. In the petition you will write your opinion about a specific subject. Once this petition has been published, you can share it with people so they can then sign this petition. At the petition you set a goal for the number of signatures you want to achieve. Once this has been achieved, you can close the petition and then request a printed version from Petition Global. With this print you can go to the recipient to deliver it. Start a petition here.